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Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Going back to school is amazing! Getting back that routine, is so important for my sanity, not to mention, my kids were eating me out of house and home every day! Seriously, who puts a box of crackers back in the cupboard with only crumbs left? Oh, yeah, that'd be my kids! So yes, I'm… Continue reading Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

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Kombucha Powerhouse Smoothie

Being a busy mom often means taking care of everyone else, and putting yourself on the back-burner. Simple ways we can routinely take care of our mom-bods, is by making super healthy and extremely tasty kombucha smoothies. These powerhouse morning drinks contain probiotics, antioxidants, and nutrient-dense minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system and… Continue reading Kombucha Powerhouse Smoothie