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Getting Your Mojo Back

When I was young, I was SO full of energy, and now that I’m old-ER and oh, so, mom-tired, I want my mojo back! The feeling of being refreshed and not having 800 browser tabs open at one time kind of refreshed. Every mom needs that energy to survive each day, but how do we find it, and were can I get some? These were all issues where lots of research, and tireless hours went. Figuring out how to get that pep in my step, stress WAY less, and get a better night’s sleep.

Figuring out Your Body

I stress a lot, I mean a lot, LOT, about all kinds of things (I won’t bore you with the list), and I wanted to find a way to stop worrying about everything. Stress takes such a toll on the human body, and can affect the mind, physical health, and digestion. First, I must disclose, I am not a doctor, nor am I licensed in anyway to give out medical professional advice in place of a healthcare provider, however, I am a full-time working mom, with a REALLY full schedule, juggling a couple of side gigs, and naturally an awkward individual so there’s that. I still have those days where I feel overwhelmed, unsure, and exhausted, like all of the moms in the universe. Yet, I know what my body likes, doesn’t like, and how to adjust. Writing down a list of items affecting you will help categorize where to start first.

Diffusing pure essential oils at night can really help a mom catch some zzz’s!

Getting Much Needed Sleep

A study was conducted in Germany (2015) that suggests moms are sleep deprived for the first 6 years of a child’s life. Seriously, six years! Women, working, stay-at-home (SAHM), single, married, etc…we all get an extreme dose of reality after baby number one comes. It’s just a theory, but it really seems a possibility that getting up 300 times during the night for the last 6 months of pregnancy to use the bathroom, was the practice before the big show. Years later we’re still tired, and dragging. So how do you get the 8 hrs of perfect REM sleep that your body needs to heal? Here’s a couple of things you should do immediately!

Turn off the TV! The exposure to light from the TV when trying to sleep constantly stimulates the nerve pathways to parts of the brain that “regulate hormones, body temp, and also runs a risk for depression” (interesting!). Anyone who knows me, knows that I use essential oils religiously. They work for me! Lavender and Cedarwood mixed in my diffuser at night helps me sleep like a baby, not kidding, like drooling on my pillow, and my husband is giving ME the elbow in the middle of the night to stop snoring, kind of sleep. Everyone’s go-to oils at night are a little different, but I would 100% suggest trying lavender first.

Side Note!

**Please, please do yourself a favor, don’t use synthetic fragrance oils you find at the grocery store. You’ll actually be doing more harm to your body. Read the labels, if it’s flammable, put it down and step away! Plant cell’s chloroplasts don’t normally combust in nature, why should liquid plant material combust? Think about it. Plus, Styrene, Acetaldehyde, or Benzophenone (A Project of Breast Cancer Prevention, 2019) may be part of fragrance products, and wreak havoc on organs. Need help with suggested essential oil companies? Email me on the contacts page or do your own research. There are a couple of companies that really go the extra mile to give a righteous quality oil and it’s worth every penny!! You’ll physically see and reap the benefits.

Caffeine is linked to nervousness and insomnia, try cutting back and consuming more water.

Ditch the Overload of Caffeine

Another way I worked on balancing my body, was limiting my caffeine. I’m a coffee drinker, I love the taste of it, and I love the energy it gives, however, I noticed the way it affects my body isn’t good. If you’re already a super highly anxious person (that’s me), the last thing you need is to pump your body full of caffeine. I still have a cup of coffee in the morning, but after my 1-2 cups that’s enough. Put the cup down and step away from the coffee pot! That jolt of conscious energy in the morning is necessary for moms everywhere! Ginseng extract is in my arsenal of vitamins and an excellent way to get that brain moving in the morning. Ginseng helps strengthen the immune system, gets the fog lifted off your brain, fights fatigue and so much more!

Choosing Vitamins

Vitamins are also a must! Taking care of your self is really important for mothers who deplete their energy levels daily and care for everyone around them, so a great multi-vitamin is essential. Remember that personal health list you need to write? Analyze it to see if anything stands out. Does your stomach feel bloated, is your skin greasy, or do you have irregular bowl movements? All of those health deficiencies may be related. In ancient Asia, medical practitioners looked at diet, hair, skin, and daily routine to see where the imbalances in the body were, similar to Ayurveda examinations today. This is to find the irregularity in the body and work on bringing balance back.

One vitamin that comes in a powder form that helps with relieving stress, lowering cortisol, increasing energy, reducing depression/inflammation, and improving concentration was Ashwagunda. This supplement is tasteless and can easily be added to smoothies or breakfast in the morning. The benefits speak for themselves. Check out the Ashwagunda link for more scientific studies, and facts about the African natural supplement. This is a must-have vitamin if your body is run-down from fighting significant amounts of stress each day!

Is Finding Balance Possible?

Balancing out the body is possible, call your doctor, make a plan, and definitely do research on your own! Make sure to read books, and find more information about how your feeling, and absolutely tell your doctor everything, including symptoms. Big or small, everything may be linked! When the body and mind are balanced, the Mojo starts to come back! Let us know what you do when your energy levels are hindering, and you need a boost!

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