Starting Off

Well, here we are! This is the beginning, and in the beginning we do this uncomfortable and awkward process of introductions, right? So, here it goes….my name is Tarrah, (pronounced like Tara), I am a mother of two ‘wildling’ intelligent (and push my limits daily) boys, married to my BFF almost 13 years and together for over 17 years (it sounds like eons when you say it out loud!) I have a full-time job as an auditor, and get to work from home, so I understand the life of a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) and a working mom. Either mom-title is full of chaos, rushing around, and ridiculously busy. I’m also a peacekeeper, Wrestle Mania referee, housekeeper, budgeting queen, amateur gardener, food LOVER, DIY soap maker, and essential oil guru. Essentially, I am just like every other mom out there, busy, loving my family my way, and finding time to squeeze in fun on the side. We call this juggling thing, “mom-life” and we all do it pretty well!

I live in Florida, but am a native from Arizona, transplanted here almost 20 years ago. Shortly after moving to Florida, I met my husband and we’ve been living it up ever since. Life has taken us on a journey, and we have a ridiculous amount of stories. We have been up, down, sideways and every crevice in between. Which in essence, means we have been through a lot, good and bad. At this stage in our life, we are the parents of two pre-teen boys, so experiencing multiple eye-rolls, huffs, and attitude on a daily basis is our jam! I think raising these little beings brings us closer together or maybe we just see the humor in a cycle of life. The traits and personalities of both my husband and myself (extremely strong) are magnified by hundreds and reside within each child. Our primary marriage communication style now consists of “looks” which indicate, “that’s all you there buddy/lady…”

Let’s do this moms! Live life on your terms! You are already amazing & your kids know this!

When I graduated with my bachelors in Communication and Certificate in Journalism, I wanted to change the world! Maybe I’d go undercover, or take down corrupt politics, but my outlook on “what’s important” has changed. To me, my family is my life line, and making memories with them is my objective. So, I’ll save the undercover work for retirement! However, right now I’m busy being a working mom, and that’s 100% ok with me.

This leads me to the primary objective of this blog, which is my vision, or rather my intention to build a zone for moms to be who they are, no matter what. The good, the bad, and the ugly, bring it all, because that’s life. This is a place where we can use humor and complete real mom-honesty, to lift one another up, and know without a doubt, that you are not alone. There are many out there like you! We want to balance life, meal-prep (or not), keep kids busy, and have a moment to ourselves. This is where you’ll find everything your looking for. I will share tips and tricks I’ve learned through researching “finding balance as a busy mom” and share all of it with you. From, “how to stop teenagers from eye-rolling“, ok, ok…. well maybe that last one isn’t possible, but we do have loads of recipes, all natural remedies, and everything in between!

Finally, you should know, I definitely don’t have it all together, nor will I pretend too…I mean we all have those special “moments” right? We are extremely busy women, but we get things done. We multi-task, plan, prepare, create, and get the ball rolling…it’s in our genes. We raise children, are organizers of families, live our own dreams, and that is amazing! Enjoy your life every step of the way! With all of this being said,… you already know how to parent, how to be a woman, and a #bossmom, I’m just here to lend a helping hand and put a smile on your face! Leave the worry behind and I hope you’ll stick around every week for more mom-shenanigans!

6 thoughts on “Starting Off”

  1. So proud of you Tarrah! You’re an amazing mom and person, congratulations on your blog. I’m looking forward to the amazing recipes you have and all the advice from your oil guru”ness” 💙😘

  2. This is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to read all about chaos coffee and things in between!

  3. Delightful read ,so happy for you Tarrah! So proud of you! You keep being you girl! As you go godspeed into the Future! I look forward to reading more from you ✌️❤️🤗

  4. Great introduction Tarrah! I can’t wait for the next one. You’re a master multitasker for sure. 😘

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