Motherhood Narratives: Weekly Tips July 20, 2020

You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup... I read this quote from someone's page on Instagram a few years back about pouring from an empty cup, and it just hit my subconscious mom-mind, like "wow...wake-up call!..." It's not possible to take care of the things you need to, if you've depleted your own reservoir. We… Continue reading Motherhood Narratives: Weekly Tips July 20, 2020

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The Problem with Perfect

The message is loud, permeating into our core of existence daily...the idea of being a "perfect mother." It's rubbed all over our faces in every store, magazine, and social media outlet across the globe. The problem with perfect, is that there's no such thing. The do-it-all era exhausts and keeps an unrealistic expectation of mothers… Continue reading The Problem with Perfect